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Best Cancun Water Sports

Choose our Packages & Enjoy Cancun at the Sea

Find the best water activities in Cancun: snorkelingscube divingwave runnersjungle tourfly board, everything is here! If you're looking for Cancun water sports you're in the right place, since we're providers. Get the best and most fun water activities in Cancun for the best price now!

Flyboard in Cancun

Flyboard Cancun is the trendiest and newest Cancun adventure water activity. Ride this board as a pro after 5 minutes of practice. The ultimate Cancun outdoor activity is just one click away from you, all the details here!
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$139.00 usd

Jungle Boat Tour

Jungle Boat Tour Cancun is one of the most wanted boat tours in town. Drive your speed boat over Cancun's blue sea (15 miles) and enjoy snorkeling during the same tour. Enjoy 2 activities in this half day Cancun tour. Boats for 2 or 4 people make this tour suitable for couples and families. We have the longest jungle tour available, get all details inside and book now!

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$139.00 usd

Snorkeling in Cancun - Best Tours

Get all kinds of snorkeling tours in Cancun. Enjoy the most popular water activity in Cancun: Snorkeling. Find the snorkeling tour that fits you best, if you're a beginner or an expert we have an option for you. Can you imagine snorkeling into a shipwreck or at night? It is possible to do it with us! There are different schedules, prices and spots for you to choose. If you like water sports you better get in here and book the best snorkeling ever
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$45.00 usd

Cancun Jet Ski Rentals

Wave Runners are always an exciting water activity, and even more when are run in Cancun's cristaline waters. Rent your waverunner for 30 minutes or 1 hour and enjoy one of Cancun's best things to do. Book now!
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$99.00 usd

Cancun Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is one of the main water sports in Cancun. Enjoying this amazing water activity is possible even if you have no experience, take one of our lessons. If you're a certified diver, you're also in the right place. We have plenty options for you. You have to live this experience, book your scuba diving tour now!
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$95.00 usd

Cancun Jet Pack Tours

Jetpack is a new and exciting water sport in Cancun. Fly above the water and reach heights up to 30 feet or turn and dive deep as a dolphin with Jetpack Cancun. You don't need any swimming skills, you're always assisted by professional instructors. There’s nothing to fear, dare to try Cancun Jetpack, the most extreme watersport in Cancun!
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$70.00 usd

Cancun Swimming with Whale Sharks guided tour

Swimming with whale sharks in Cancun is the most thrilling water activity. Once in a year, and only for a short season, swimming with the world's biggest fish is possible. If you come to Cancun from May to August, this is a water activity you don't want to miss. Complimentary transportation included. Save your spot in advance for Cancun whale shark swim and get a special price for early booking, book now!
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$165.00 usd

Paddleboarding in Cancun

Paddleboarding is one of the funniest water activities in Cancun. Paddleboarding is a great thing to do in Cancun, if you are into watersports then you'll love it. Rent now your paddleboard for 1 or more hours and enjoy this great water activity in Cancun.
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$28.00 usd